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Horwich Town Council is a local authority with limited powers and covers the town and civil parish of Horwich in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. It is made up of fourteen elected Town Councillors, representing six electoral wards. Four of the Wards elect two Councillors while two other Wards elect three Councillors.

Horwich Town Council
Coat of arms or logo
Town Council of the Civil Parish of Horwich
Peter Wright (Labour)
Town Clerk
Carol Hutchinson (non-political post)
Seats14 town councillors
First past the post
Meeting place
The Public Hall, Lee Lane, Horwich



Under the Local Government Act 1972, Horwich Urban District Council was abolished in 1974 and its area became a successor parish authority in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton.[1]

Leters Patent granting arms to Horwich Town CouncilEdit

The following is the full text of the letters patent issued by the College of Arms granting armorial bearings:[2]

To All and Singular to whom these Presents shall come Sir Anthony Richard Wagner, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Garter Principal King of Arms, John Riddell Bromhead Walker, Esquire, Member of the Royal Victorian Order, upon whom has been conferred the Decoration of the Military Cross, Clarenceux King of Arms and Walter John George Verco, Esquire, Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms send Greeting!

Whereas, Desmond Smith, Gentleman, Town Mayor of the Town of Horwich did represent unto The Most Noble Bernard Marmaduke, Duke of Norfolk, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, upon whom has been conferred the Territorial Decoration, Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England and One of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, now deceased, that pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972, the Council of the Parish of Horwich was established as a successor Parish Authority to the then existing Urban District of Horwich and that in accordance with the said Act the Council of the Parish of Horwich adopted on the Ninth day of January 1974 the status of a Town and accordingly the Parish Council of Horwich is now the Town Council of Horwich. That the Town Council is desirous of having Armorial Bearing duly established with lawful authority and he therefore as Town Mayor of the Town of Horwich and on behalf of the Council thereof did request the favour of His Grace's Warrant for Our granting and assigning such Arms and Crest as We may consider fit and proper to be borne and used by the Town Council of Horwich on its Common Seal or otherwise according to the Laws of Arms. And forasmuch as the said Earl Marshal did by Warrant under his hand and Seal bearing date the Sixth day of December 1974 authorise and direct Us to grant and assign such Arms and Crest accordingly Know Ye therefore that We the said Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster in pursuance of His Grace's Warrant and by virtue of the Letters Patent of Our several Offices to each of Us respectively granted do by these Presents grant and assign unto the Town Council of Horwich the Arms following that is to say:

Vert a Hart courant proper gorged with an Ancient Crown on a Chief or a Cross Flory Gules voided of the Chief between four Pallets two and two Sable all between two Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper. And for the Crest on a Wreath Argent and Gules a Huntsman habited and drawing his bow all proper.

Powers and functionsEdit

Horwich Town Council acts as a channel of local opinion to Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, and as such has the right to be informed on any planning decisions affecting the civil parish.[3] The town council receives funding by levying a "precept" on the council tax paid by the residents of the civil parish.[4] It has the powers to provide crime prevention measures (such as CCTV) and to contribute money towards traffic calming schemes.[3] The town council also gives grants to local voluntary organisations,[3] and sponsoring public events, including Horwich in Bloom,[5] a local version of Britain in Bloom. Since 1997, the town council awards every two years civic medals to people of Horwich who provided exemplary service to the town.[6]


Horwich is divided into six wards, each of which elect between two or three Town Councillors:[7]

  • Brazley Ward, 2 cllrs.
  • Bridge Ward, 3 cllrs.
  • Church Ward, 2 cllrs.
  • Claypool Ward, 2 cllrs.
  • Lever Park Ward, 3 cllrs.
  • Vale Ward, 2 cllrs.

Mayors of HorwichEdit

Each year the Town Council elects one of the Town Councillors to become the Town Mayor who represents the town over the municipal year. It is a ceremonial position and a few of the holders have held the position more than once: Elizabeth McCracken held it four times and Kevan James Helsby, Alice Kilcoyne, Robert Ronson, John Bragg, Ken Denton, Joyce Kellett and Stephen Michael Rock have held it twice.[8]

List of Mayors of Horwich [8]
Tenure Name Party Notes
1974–1975 Desmond Smith Labour
1975–1976 Walter Taylor Labour
1976–1977 Ron Parkinson Conservative
1977–1978 Michael Foster Conservative
1978–1979 Barrie Crumblehulme Conservative
1979–1980 Elizabeth McCracken Labour 1st term
1980–1981 Stanley Dawson Conservative
1981–1982 Thomas Fairhurst Labour
1982–1983 Elsie Butterworth Conservative
1983–1984 Ernest Seddon Labour
1984–1985 John Kevin Kilcoyne Labour
1985–1986 Bernard P. Broderick Conservative
1986–1987 Albert Swindells Labour
1987–1988 Kevan James Helsby Labour 1st term. Also Mayor of Bolton 2001–2002.
1988–1989 Elizabeth McCracken Labour 2nd term
1989–1990 Ian Badon Hamilton Liberal Democrat
1990–1991 Alice Kilcoyne Labour 1st term
1991–1992 Robert Ronson Liberal Democrat 1st term
1992–1992 Ian Carruthers Labour
1992–1993 Elizabeth McCracken Labour 3rd term
1993–1994 Mark Perks Conservative
1994–1995 Madeline Murray Labour
1995–1996 John Bragg Labour 1st term
1996–1997 Barbara Olwyn Ronson Liberal Democrat Also Mayor of Bolton 2007–2008.
1997–1998 Elizabeth McCracken Labour 4th term
1998–1999 Alice Kilcoyne Labour 2nd term
1999–2000 James Michael Kilcoyne Labour
2000–2001 Peter McGeehan Liberal Democrat
2001–2002 Joyce Kellett Labour 1st term
2002–2003 John Bragg Labour 2nd term
2003–2004 Robert Ronson Liberal Democrat 2nd term
2004–2005 Kevan James Helsby Labour 2nd term. Also Mayor of Bolton 2001–2002.
2005–2006 Stephen Michael Rock Liberal Democrat 1st term
2006–2007 Bernard McCartin Liberal Democrat
2007–2008 Kenneth Malcolm Denton Liberal Democrat 1st term
2008–2009 Thomas Farmer Liberal Democrat
2009–2010 Susan Denton Liberal Democrat
2010–2011 Kenneth Thompson Liberal Democrat
2011–2012 Peter Baxendale Conservative
2012–2013 Joyce Kellett Labour 2nd term
2013–2014 Christine A. Root Labour
2014–2015 Richard E. W. Silvester Labour Co-op
2015–2016 Kenneth Malcolm Denton Labour 2nd term
2016–2017 James Bullock Labour
2017–2018 Stephen Michael Rock Liberal Democrat 2nd term
2018–2019 Peter Wright Labour

Twin townEdit

Horwich is twinned with the town of Crowborough in East Sussex. They entered into a unique twinning arrangement when they became the first towns within the United Kingdom to sign a Town Twinning Charter. The charter was signed by the Mayors of Horwich and Crowborough at a ceremony in the Public Hall, Horwich on the 22 March 1990 and in the Town Hall, Crowborough on the 27 March 1990.[9] On the 25th Anniversary of the Town Twinning, in March 2015, the Mayor of Horwich, Cllr. Richard E W Silvester and the Mayor of Crowborough, Cllr. Ronald G Reed signed 25th Anniversary celebratory Town Twinning documents in Crowborough Town Hall on Tuesday 10 March 2015 and in Horwich Public Hall on Thursday 19 March 2015, to re-new the twinning agreement. Horwich Cycle Club members travelled down to Crowborough on Friday 15 May 2015 and cycled with members of Wealden Cycle Club over that weekend as part of the celebrations.


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