Hoo-Bangin' Records

Hoo-Bangin' Records is a record label founded by Dedrick "Mack 10" Rolison. He took the name from the name of the song "Hoo Bangin'" by his group, Westside Connection. Hoo-Bangin' Records was recently released from its contract at Priority Records and Capitol Records and now signed a deal with Fontana Distribution.

Hoo-Bangin' Records
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Parent companyUniversal Music Group
FounderDedrick Rolison
Distributor(s)Fontana Distribution
(In the US)
Universal Music Group
(Outside the US)
GenreHip hop
Country of originUnited States
LocationLos Angeles, California


2011 - PresentEdit

In 2011, it was announced that Mack 10 has revived Hoo Bangin'. Mack has signed a new distribution with Fontana, and revealed that he has a new lineup of respected veteran MCs, most notably Xzibit. The platinum artist Xzibit will be joined by his former Strong Arm Steady band-mate Mitchy Slick, Oakland's Richie Rich, Glasses Malone and former Snoop Dogg group, The LBC Crew - with includes original Hoo Bangin' MC Techniec.

The first release for the revamped Hoo Bangin' is Mack 10 and Glasses Malone's collaborative release, Mack/Malone, due April 12. The long-delayed release will be Glasses' first retail album, while his Universal/Cash Money solo debut, The Beach Cruiser is planned to be released on August 30.[1]

In a statement, Mack 10 said the following: "The Mack/Malone project is the perfect way to let folks know that Hoo Bangin' is coming back strong. We have been working really hard to make this release a memorable project for our fans. I want Hoo Bangin' to become the home of the best on the west."

In August, Mack 10 has now re-signed Los Angeles quintet the Young Hoggs. The group worked extensively on Mack's 2003 project, Ghetto, Gutter & Gangsta. Reports that the Hoggs' debut album, The Hottest Around, will features appearances by Julio G, Dre'sta tha Gangsta and Big Wy of The Relativez.[2]





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