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"Hong Kong Blues" is a popular song composed by American songwriter Hoagy Carmichael in 1939. It was featured in the 1944 film To Have and Have Not, an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel by the same name.[1]

"Hong Kong Blues"
Song by George Harrison
from the album Somewhere in England
Released5 June 1981
LabelDark Horse
Songwriter(s)Hoagy Carmichael
Producer(s)George Harrison
Somewhere in England track listing
10 tracks
Side one
  1. "Blood from a Clone"
  2. "Unconsciousness Rules"
  3. "Life Itself"
  4. "All Those Years Ago"
  5. "Baltimore Oriole"
Side two
  1. "Teardrops"
  2. "That Which I Have Lost"
  3. "Writing's on the Wall"
  4. "Hong Kong Blues"
  5. "Save the World"

Former Beatle George Harrison covered the tune on his 1981 album Somewhere in England.[2] Also, the Quebecer Dédé Fortin presented his cover of "Hong Kong Blues" with Les Colocs on their album Atrocetomique.


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