Honey Sri-Isan

Suphin Hemvijit (Thai: สุพิณ เหมวิจิตร;[1] 22 October 1971[2] – 26 February 1992), known professionally as Honey Sri-Isan (Thai: ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน), was a Thai Mor lam and Luk thung singer from Isan area.[3] She recorded two albums during her musical career and, despite her short discography, enjoyed a good bit of fame.[4] She was active for only two years due to her death in 1992 caused by a road accident[5]. After her death, she is believed to have become a spirit and her fans have erected a shrine at the place of her death.

Honey Sri-Isan
ฮันนี่ ศรีอีสาน
Honney Sri-Isan.jpg
Honey Sri-Isan in 1991
Suphin Hemvijit

(1971-10-22)22 October 1971
Ban Moei, Dong Ling Sub-district, Kamalasai District, Kalasin Province, Thailand
Died26 February 1992(1992-02-26) (aged 20)
Cause of deathroad accident
Other namesSao Sieng Kammayee (Ailas)
Phin (nickname)
OccupationSinger  • Actress
Notable work
Nam Ta Lon Bon Tee Non (1991)
Musical career
Years active1986–1992
LabelsYenawee Promotion

Early lifeEdit

Honey was born as Suphin Hemvijit on 22 October 1971 in Ban Moei, Dong Ling Sub-district, Kamalasai District, Kalasin Province in northeast Thailand. She was the daughter of Khamtha and Mee Hemvijit.[6] In 1982, she completed her primary education.[6]

Musical careerEdit

Sri-Isan began her career in 1986 as a member of Mor lam band.[6] In January 1991, she signed on as a singer with Yenawee Promotion.[6] Her first studio album, Nam Ta Lon Bon Thee Non (น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน), was released on 25 January 1991, with songs written by Dao Bandon[7][8] and produced by Num Phuthai. It was a success.[6]

On October 8, 1991, she recorded her second album "Won Phee Mee Rak Dieaw" (วอนพี่มีรักเดียว), which was also well received by listeners.[6] After that, she founded her own music band at the request of her fan club.[6] Because of her premature death, her career in the music industry was short-lived.


Sri-Isan died in a road accident while returning from a show on 26 February 1992, in Sisaket Province, at the age of 20.[9][10]

A shrine was built at the place of her death. Every year since her death in 1992, famous singers perform a concert in her memory. Many villagers believe that her spirit is still circulating in the area and still has not left the physical realm.[11] As in the cases of Mae Nak and Mae Takien Thong, the spirit of Honey Sri-Isan is said to be a force of both benevolence and retribution. A handbook mentions that she sought revenge against a policeman who had touched her corpse in an inappropriate way, but she has also granted winning lottery numbers to the fans who created and expanded her shrine.[12][13]

In 2015, a shrine was built in her home town Ban Moei.[11]


Title (Thai) Title (Romanised) Release date
Yenawee Promotion
น้ำตาหล่นบนที่นอน Nam Ta Lon Bon Thee Non (English: Tears on the Bed) January 1991
วอนพี่มีรักเดียว Won Phee Mee Rak Dieaw October 1991


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