Hombres de honor

Hombres de honor (Spanish: Men of honor) was a 2005 Argentine telenovela, produced by Pol-Ka and aired by El Trece. It starred Laura Novoa and Gabriel Corrado.


Hombres de Honor was produced by Pol-Ka in an attempt to emulate the success of Padre Coraje, a telenovela they had produced the previous year. It had a low rating, but the TV channel El Trece aired it anyway, refusing to cancel it.[1] The last episode, with 14,7 rating points, had the highest rating of the program's history.[2]


The action is set in Argentina in the 1940s. There are two mafia families, the Patter Nostra and the Onoratto, who control the traffic of alcoholic beverages and gambling, and wage territorial disputes in other areas, such as prostitution. Luca Onoratto (Gabriel Corrado), jailed for the murder of Carlo Andrea Patter Nostra's twin brother (Gerardo Romano), served his time in prison. The Patter Nostra killed Lorenzo Onoratto (Arturo Puig), Luca's parent, during his wedding. Luca tried to be accepted as the head of the family, and secretly loved María Grazzia Patter Nostra (Laura Novoa), the daughter of the rival don.



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