Hollywood Varieties

Hollywood Varieties is a 1949 American film from Lippert Productions starring Robert Alda and directed by Paul Landres. The Los Angeles Times called it a "vaudeville show on screen with Robert Alda as master of ceremonies."[1]



The film was one of a series of revue-style musicals financed by Robert Lippert. The first was Square Dance Jubilee and this one was about vaudeville. According to Jone Ormond:

I wrote this little beginning about vaudeville dying, and Bob Lippert loved it. The picture cost $10,000. 1 got all the acts I knew from my years on the road Brit Wood... We shot with three cameras in a downtown L.A. theater. I worked day and night on the picture, even slept on the set. Only problem was I hadn't come up with the ending yet. I had 20 minutes - the crew was gonna quit at five and we couldn't afford to keep 'em around. I made one of my choreography maps with the dots, an' I said, 'Gimme a few minutes, I'll put mic on.' There was almost 100 people on the set, but I got 'em all where they had to go."[2]


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