Ho Kam Ming

Ho Kam Ming (Chinese: 何金銘, 12 December 1925 – 9 April 2020)[1][2] was a Macanese-born Canadian martial artist. He was one of the students of martial arts teacher Ip Man in the discipline of Wing Chun.

Ho Kam Ming
Born12 December 1925
Portuguese Macau
Died (aged 94)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Native name何金銘
StyleWing Chun
Teacher(s)Ip Man
OccupationMartial arts practitioner
Notable studentsAugustine Fong, Randy Williams, Lui Ming Fai
Notable club(s)World Ho Kam Ming Wing Chun Association
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese何金銘
Simplified Chinese何金铭


Ho was born in Macau in 1925. When he was 30, he started learning Wing Chun and became Ip Man's formal student.[3][4][5][6][7] In Ip Ching's memoirs My Father Ip Man, Ho was described as one of Ip Man's "excellent disciples". Ho was cultivated by Ip Man, later, he inherited Ip's wish to further develop Wing Chun.[8]

In 1960, he returned to Macau and opened the first Wing Chun school there.[9]

Ho migrated to Canada in 1990. He settled in Toronto, where he founded the World Ho Kam Ming Wing Chun Association and was still active teaching.[10] In 2011, he also started to teach Wing Chun in Zhuhai.[11][10]

Ho was one of a handful of men to be taught the complete system from Ip Man, most of notable Wing Chun practitioners in Macau were his students.[12] His notable students include: Augustine Fong (Fong Chi Wing), founder of Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Federation;[9] Randy Williams, founder of Close Range Combat Academy; and Lui Ming Fai (雷明輝).[10]

On 9 April 2020, Ho Kam Ming died from COVID-19 in Toronto, aged 95.[10][13][12]


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