Hits! The Very Best of Erasure

Hits! – The Very Best of Erasure was the second greatest hits package released by the group. Capitalizing on a resurgence of Erasure music after their successful covers album Other People's Songs, Mute Records released Hits! in 2003 to reintroduce people to Erasure's music and to give an update to their 1992 singles compilation Pop! - the First 20 Hits. In fact, Hits! seemed to be geared towards casual fans who did not already own a copy of Pop!, as twelve songs appear on both collections.

Hits! The Very Best of Erasure
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Greatest hits album by
Released20 October 2003
LabelRhino (US)
EMI Europe Generic (Europe)
Erasure chronology
Other People's Songs
Hits! The Very Best of Erasure
Singles from Hits! The Very Best of Erasure
  1. "Oh L'amour (August Mix)"
    Released: 13 October 2003
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

Since the release of Pop!, Erasure had released fifteen more singles, but only six of them appeared on Hits!. In addition, two additional songs from the Abba-esque EP were added to the line-up, as well as a new remix of the classic "Oh L'amour," originally found on their 1986 debut album Wonderland.

To entice Erasure completists to purchase the Hits! set, limited copies of the album contained a bonus CD containing an "Erasure Megamix," consisting of eighteen of their classic songs (including "You Surround Me", the only song not on the main album) strung together in a DJ-mixed form. A few are the basic single mixes, but most of them consist of well known dance remixes done at the time of their respective releases; in particular, additional vocals from remixes of "Love to Hate You" and "Sometimes" were included.

Hits! was repackaged and reissued in the UK on 29 October 2007. This new version includes the same two discs as the original release, along with a DVD containing 35 Erasure music videos. These are the same videos which were released on the Hits! the Videos in 2003. According to the Erasure Official Newsletter, Hits reached the platinum certification for 300.000 copies sold in September 2013.

Track listingEdit

Disc oneEdit

  1. "Oh L'amour" (Clarke/Bell)
  2. "Sometimes" (Clarke/Bell)
  3. "Victim of Love" (Clarke/Bell)
  4. "Ship of Fools" (Clarke/Bell)
  5. "Chains of Love" (Clarke/Bell)
  6. "A Little Respect" (Clarke/Bell)
  7. "Stop!" (Clarke/Bell)
  8. "Blue Savannah" (Clarke/Bell)
  9. "Chorus" (Clarke/Bell)
  10. "Love to Hate You" (Clarke/Bell)
  11. "Breath of Life" (Clarke/Bell)
  12. "Lay All Your Love on Me" (Andersson/Ulvaeus)
  13. "Take a Chance on Me" (Andersson/Ulvaeus)
  14. "Voulez-Vous" (Andersson/Ulvaeus)
  15. "Always" (Clarke/Bell)
  16. "Stay with Me" (Clarke/Bell)
  17. "In My Arms" (Clarke/Bell)
  18. "Freedom" (Clarke/Bell)
  19. "Solsbury Hill" (Peter Gabriel)
  20. "Oh L'amour" (August Mix)

Disc two – "Erasure Megamix"Edit

Remixed and reconstructed by: Mark Towns, Chicago 2003

  1. "Stay with Me" (Clarke/Bell)
  2. "You Surround Me" (Clarke/Bell)
  3. "In My Arms" (Clarke/Bell)
  4. "Solsbury Hill" (Gabriel)
  5. "A Little Respect" (Clarke/Bell)
  6. "Chains of Love" (Clarke/Bell)
  7. "Take a Chance on Me" (Andersson/Ulvaeus)
  8. "Love to Hate You" (Clarke/Bell)
  9. "Stop!" (Clarke/Bell)
  10. "Victim of Love" (Clarke/Bell)
  11. "Blue Savannah" (Clarke/Bell)
  12. "Always" (Clarke/Bell)
  13. "Freedom" (Clarke/Bell)
  14. "Chorus" (Clarke/Bell)
  15. "Oh L'amour" (Clarke/Bell)
  16. "Breath of Life" (Clarke/Bell)
  17. "Sometimes" (Clarke/Bell)
  18. "Ship of Fools" (Clarke/Bell)

Chart placingsEdit

Hits! – The Very Best of Erasure peaked at #15 in the UK. It did not chart on the Billboard 200.

"Oh L'amour (August mix)" was released as a single in the UK and the US. It hit No. 13 on the UK singles chart.

10 Great Songs
Greatest hits album by
Released2 October 2009
GenreSynthpop, pop
Erasure chronology
Pop2! The Second 20 Hits
10 Great Songs
Tomorrow's World

10 Great SongsEdit

Erasure – 10 Great Songs was a budget compilation released on 2 November 2009, shortly after the Total Pop! The First 40 Hits range of releases. According to the official Erasure website, the album was "part of a series of budget titles put together by EMI specifically for sale through 'non-traditional outlets'".[2][3] It re-used the cover artwork from the Hits! – The Very Best of Erasure compilation, bordered by a generic sleeve design used on the packaging for other artists also featured in the series.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Sometimes"
  2. "Victim of Love"
  3. "Ship of Fools"
  4. "Stop!"
  5. "Blue Savannah"
  6. "Chorus"
  7. "Breath of Life"
  8. "Take a Chance on Me"
  9. "Love to Hate You"
  10. "Always"


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External linksEdit

  • Erasureinfo.com – The official Erasure website
  • markymix.com – Website by Mark Towns: Remix engineer for Erasure's 2003 "HITS!" megamix and "Oh L'Amour" internet single.