Hippolytus (archbishop of Gniezno)

Hippolytus or Hipolit (died c. 1027) was an early medieval archbishop of Gniezno.[1] His place and date of birth date are unknown but the medieval historian Jan Długosz claims that he was of noble birth and a Roman citizen. Modern scholars generally agree that he was not Polish.[2]

His Excellency

Archbishop of Gniezno
ChurchRoman Catholic
Installedbefore 1025
Term ended1027
PredecessorRadim Gaudentius
SuccessorBossuta Stefan
Personal details
Born10th century

He was appointed Bishop between 18 April 1025 and 25 December 1025 in Gniezno Cathedral by Bolesław I the Brave and was primate of Poland through the last part of Boleslaw's reign and the beginning of Mieszko II Lambert's.

On April 18, 1025, he crowned Boleslaw I the Brave and on December 25, 1025, Mieszko II Lambert as the kings of Poland in his Gniezno cathedral. He died in 1027 and is buried in Gniezno Cathedral.

Religious titles
Preceded by Archbishop of Gniezno
1025 - 1027
Succeeded by

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