Hippocoon of Sparta

In Greek mythology, Hippocoön (/hɪˈpɒkˌɒn, -kəˌwɒn/; Ancient Greek: Ἱπποκόων) was a Spartan king.


Hippocoon was the son of the Spartan King Oebalus and Bateia. His brothers (or half-brothers) were Tyndareus and Icarius.[1][2] Names of Hippocoön's sons include Lycon, Alcinous, Dorycleus, Scaeus, Enarophorus, Eurytus, Bucolus, Euteiches, Lycaethus, Hippothous, Tebrus, Hippocorystes,[3] Alcimus, Dorceus, Sebrus, Eumedes,[4] Enaesimus, Alcon and Leucippus (the last three were among the Calydonian hunters).[5] Diodorus Siculus states that there were twenty of them, but gives no individual names.[6]


When their father died, Tyndareus became king. Hippocoön, with the help of his sons, overthrew him, took the throne and expelled his brothers from the kingdom . Later, Hippocoön refused to cleanse Heracles after the death of Iphitus. Because of that, Heracles became hostile to Hippocoön, killed him and reinstated Tyndareus.[3][7] All of Hippocoön's sons were also slain by Heracles, as a revenge for the death of the young Oeonus, son of Licymnius, whom they had killed because he had stoned their dog in self-defense.[8][9] Heracles's allies in the war against Hippocoön were Cepheus of Arcadia and his twenty sons, who all, as well as Heracles's brother Iphicles, died in the battle (according to Diodorus Siculus,[6] three of Cepheus' sons did survive).

Regnal titles
Preceded by
(first reign)
King of Sparta
Succeeded by
(second reign)


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