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The Higashikuni-no-miya (東久邇宮) was the ninth-oldest branch of the Japanese Imperial Family, created from branches of the Fushimi-no-miya house.

Region of originJapanese


The Higashikuni-no-miya house was formed by Prince Naruhiko, ninth son of Prince Kuni Asahiko.

Name Born Succeeded Retired Died
1 Prince Higashikuni Naruhiko (東久邇宮稔彦王, Higashikuni-no-miya Naruhiko-ō) 1887 1906 N/A 1990
X Prince Higashikuni Morihiro (東久邇宮盛厚王, Higashikuni-no-miya Morihiro ō) 1916 N/A N/A 1969
2 Prince Higashikuni Nobuhiko (東久邇宮信彦王, Higashikuni-no-miya Nobukiko-ō) 1945 1990 N/A 2019
3 Yukihiko Higashikuni 1974 2019 N/A N/A

Prince Higashikuni Nobuhiko became simply Higashikuni Nobuhiko after the abolition of the Japanese aristocracy during the American occupation of Japan in 1946.


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