Hideji Ōtaki (大滝 秀治, Ōtaki Hideji, June 6, 1925 – October 2, 2012) was a Japanese actor. He served as President of the Mingei Theatre Company.

Hideji Ōtaki
大滝 秀治
Hideji Ōtaki
Born(1925-06-06)June 6, 1925
DiedOctober 2, 2012(2012-10-02) (aged 87)
Occupation(s)Actor, businessperson
Years active1950–2012

Career edit

After serving in World War II, he became interested in the theater and helped found the Gekidan Mingei troupe in 1950.[1] He gained fame for his television work from the 1970s, but he also appeared in many films, especially those of Juzo Itami.[1] His last film, Anata e, starring Ken Takakura, was released a few months before his death. He died of lung cancer at his home in Tokyo on 2 October 2012.[1]

Awards edit

He won the award for Best Supporting Actor at the 1st Hochi Film Award for Brother and Sister, Kimi yo fundo no kawa o watare and Fumō Chitai.[2]

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