Hey (magazine)

Hey (Turkish: Hi) was a Turkish music magazine that targeted teens. The magazine existed between 1970 and 1994. It billed itself as Turkey's only teens' and music magazine.[1] The magazine was one of the highest-circulation publications in Turkey.[2]

CategoriesMusic and teens magazine
  • Weekly (1970-1988)
  • Monthly (1988-1989)
  • Weekly (1994)
FounderDoğan Şener
Year founded1970
First issue18 November 1970
Final issueSeptember 1994
Based inIstanbul

History and profileEdit

Hey was established in 1970.[3] The first issue was released on 18 November 1970[2] as a supplement to the daily paper Milliyet.[1] Later it became a separate magazine. The magazine was part of Karacan media group.[1]

The founder of the magazine was Doğan Şener.[3] He was also the editor-in-chief of the magazine for a long time.[3] In the mid 1980s Hulusi Tunca, a Turkish journalist, became the editor-in-chief of Hey.[2]

Hey primarily included the music lists, radio program lists and pen pal sections.[3] The magazine covered nearly all music genres, including Turkish pop and folk music.[3] It also carried news and articles on movies and fashion.[2] Regular contributors were Yener Süsoy, Erhan Akyıldız, Arda Uskan ve Ercüment Akman.[3] Near to its closure Hey also published a supplement called Hey Girl which addressed teenager girls.[4]

The magazine sold weekly 60,000 copies when it was extremely popular among Turkish teens.[3] In 1980 it enjoyed a circulation of 100,000 copies.[1] The frequency of Hey was weekly until 28 June 1988 when it was switched to monthly.[1] On 15 March 1989 the magazine ceased publication.[1][2] It was restarted by the Doğan media group in April 1994 as a weekly supplement to Milliyet.[1] However, the magazine ended publication again in September 1994.[1]


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