Het Jonge Schaap, Zaandam

Het Jonge Schaap (The young sheep) is the name of a wooden wind powered sawmill, located in the Zaanse Schans, in the municipality of Zaanstad.

Windmill Het Jonge Schaap
Sawmill "Het Jonge Schaap" at the Kalverringdijk

The original mill was built in 1680 and demolished in 1942. Between 2005 and 2007, a replica of the mill at the Zaanse Schans, between the mills "De Zoeker" and "De Bonte Hen". The construction of the replica was based on detailed drawings Anton Sipman had made before the original mill was demolished.

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Coordinates: 52°28′34″N 4°48′59″E / 52.4761°N 4.8165°E / 52.4761; 4.8165