Herman I, Count of Henneberg

Herman I, Count of Henneberg (1224 – 18 December 1290) was the son of Count Poppo VII of Henneberg and his wife, Jutta of Thuringia (born: 1184; died: 6 August 1235 in Schleusingen), the eldest daughter of Landgrave Herman I of Thuringia. This was Boppo's second marriage, and also Jutta's second marriage. Margrave Henry III of Meissen was Herman's half-brother from his mother's side. Herman supported the election of his uncle Henry Raspe as anti-king of the Germans.

Herman I, Count of Henneberg
Count of Henneberg-Coburg
Died(1290-12-18)18 December 1290
BuriedFrauenroth, Bavaria
Noble familyHouse of Henneberg
Spouse(s)Margaret of Holland
FatherPoppo VII of Henneberg
MotherJutta of Thuringia
Seal of Herman I Henneberg in 1260

Herman founded the "new lordship" around Coburg and Eisenburg, which was inherited by the House of Wettin via his grand-niece Catherine of Henneberg.

Marriage and issueEdit

In 1249, Herman married with Margaret (died: 26 March 1276), the sister of Count William II of Holland and King of the Germans. They had three children:

  • Herman (d. 1250)
  • Jutta (c. 1252 – c. 1312), married Margrave Otto V of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
  • Poppo (c. 1254 – 1291), who had no issue


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