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Her TV (Chinese: 魅力資訊頻道, aTV3) is a television channel produced by Asia Television which was broadcast during December 31, 2007 till April 1, 2009.

Her TV
LaunchedDecember 2, 2007(testing)
December 31, 2007 (broadcast)
ClosedApril 01, 2009
Broadcast areaHong Kong
HeadquartersTaipo, Hong Kong



His TV was started as a testing channel since December 2, 2007 and officially broadcast since December 31, 2007; moreover, Her TV only be watched with standard-definition television or higher only.[1] As Asia Television wanted to restructuring their television channels, His TV was closed down on April 1, 2009.[2]


Her TV is a television channel that mainly targets to female audience. Thus, the programs were related with the favor of females such as cosmic and fashion programs.[1] Moreover, the channel also co-operate with a famous model international company, Icon Models, as the digit icon of the channel.

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