Henry II, Count of Bar

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Henry II of Bar in French Henri II de Bar, in German Heinrich II von Bar (1190–13 November 1239) was a Count of Bar who reigned from 1214 to 1239. He was son of Count Theobald I of Bar and his first wife, Ermesinde of Bar-sur-Seine.[1] Henry was killed on 13 November 1239 during the Barons' Crusade, when he diverted several hundred crusaders from the main army under Theobald I of Navarre to fight a force of Ayyubid Muslims at Gaza.[2]

Henri II, Count of Bar
Died(1239-11-13)13 November 1239
Noble familyMontbéliard
Spouse(s)Philippa de Dreux
FatherTheobald I, Count of Bar
MotherErmesinde of Bar-sur-Seine

Spouse and childrenEdit

In 1219 he married Philippa de Dreux (1192–1242),[3] the daughter of Robert II of Dreux.[4]


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