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Henry Gordon (magician)

Henry Gordon (March 19, 1919 - January 24, 2009) was a Canadian author, journalist, magician and skeptic.[1][2]

Gordon a professional magician was the founder of the Ontario Skeptics and a member of Skeptics Canada. He was also a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI). He was well known for his exposures of psychics such as Uri Geller and Shirley Maclaine.[3]

For two years, Gordon wrote the debunking column "Extrasensory Deception" for the Toronto Sun. He also wrote the regular column "Debunking" for the Toronto Star’s Sunday paper.[4] Many of his columns were published in his book Extrasensory Deception: ESP, Psychics, Shirley MacLaine, Ghosts, UFOs (Macmillan of Canada, 1988). In 1992 the Committee of Skeptical Inquiry (CSICOP) presented Gordon with the Responsibility in Journalism Award.[5]


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