Helvis of Cyprus

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Helvis of Lusignan (c. 1190 – c. 1218) was the daughter of Amalric II of Jerusalem, King of Cyprus, and his wife, Eschive d'Ibelin.

Princess of Antioch
Bornc. 1190
Diedc. 1218 (aged 27–28)
SpouseEudes de Dampierre
Raymond-Roupen of Antioch
IssueRichard de Dampierre
Maria, Lady of Toron
Eschive d'Antioche
HouseHouse of Lusignan (by birth)
FatherAmalric II of Jerusalem
MotherEschive d'Ibelin

She was married twice. Firstly, she was given in marriage to Eudes de Dampierre, a French knight, in about 1205. With Eudes she had children, including eldest son

  • Richard de Dampierre.

The details of her second marriage are revealed in a letter from Pope Innocent III to the archbishop of Antioch, dated September 1211.[1] Helvis had been taken from her husband (or fled him) by the young Raymond-Roupen of Antioch, designated heir to the Armenian throne, and although ecclesiastical authorities commanded the return to her husband Eudes de Dampierre, Helvis refused. The young couple seem to have been encouraged by Helvis' brother-in-law, Walter of Montbéliard, which infuriated Helvis' brother King Hugh.[2]

She and Raymond-Roupen had issue:


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