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Hellnation was an extreme hardcore punk band from Covington, Kentucky, formed in 1988.[1] Their sound has been described as thrashcore, power violence and grindcore.[2] Hellnation have completed numerous tours of the United States, Japan, Brazil and Europe. Hellnation's style was composed of quick guitar riffs, large amounts of distortion, and angry lyrics that were often profane. Lyrical subjects included police brutality, consumerism, and even the underground punk scene.[3]

OriginCovington, Kentucky, United States
GenresHardcore punk, powerviolence, thrashcore
Years active1988-2010
LabelsSound Pollution, Slap-A-Ham, Backwoods Butcher
Associated actsBrody's Militia, Jacked Up Zeros, Erectile Dementia, Reeking Cross, Cemetery Fungus
Past membersAlbert Veith
Doug Long
Ken Hansford
Mark Estes
Chris Dodge

Originally, Albert Veith was the band's original bassist, however due to the group being unable to find a drummer he switched to the drums.[4] Doug Long joined the group soon after as the bassist before leaving in 1999.[5] Mark Estes was then asked to play bass. After Mark left, Doug rejoined. They broke up in January 2010, releasing numerous records during their run, most of which was released through guitarist Ken Hansford's label Sound Pollution.[6] Members have played in groups such as Erectile Dementia, Brody's Militia, and Jacked Up Zeros.[5]



  • Albert Veith - drums, lead vocals
  • Ken Handsford - guitar, vocals
  • Doug Long - bass, vocals
  • Mark Estes - bass
  • Chris Dodge - bass (live member that filled in during their 1999 European tour)[7]


Studio albumsEdit

  • Colonized LP (Sound Pollution, 1993)
  • Control LP/CD (Sound Pollution, 1994)
  • Your Chaos Days Are Numbered LP/CD (Sound Pollution, 1998)
  • Fucked Up Mess LP/CD (Sound Pollution, 1999) (reissued by Laja in Brazil in 2001)
  • Cheerleaders for Imperialism LP/CD (Slap-A-Ham, 2000)
  • Dynamite Up Your Ass LP/CD (Sound Pollution, 2002) (reissued by Laja in Brazil in 2004)

Extended playsEdit

  • People's Temple 7" (Sound Pollution, 1990)
  • Suppression 7" (Sound Pollution, 1991)
  • Aussie 7" (Spiral Objective, 1994) (released in Australia, also known as Untitled)
  • At War With Emo 5" (Slap A Ham, 1997)
  • Thrash Or Die: Japanese Hardcore Covers EP (MCR, 1998) (released in Japan)


  • Hellnation/Real Reggae split 7" (Slightly Fast, 1996) (released in Japan)
  • Hellnation/CFUDL split 7" (Sound Pollution, 1996)
  • Hellnation/Sink split 7" (Sound Pollution, 1997)
  • Hellnation/Merda split 7" (2+2=5/Luna, 2001) (released in Brazil)
  • Hellnation/Capitalist Casualties Split LP/CD (Sound Pollution/Six Weeks, 2008)

Compilation albumsEdit

  • A Sound Like Shit CD (Sound Pollution, 1996)
  • Thrashwave CD (Sound Pollution/Laja, 2002) (released through Laja in Brazil)

Compilation appearancesEdit

  • Bbblleeaauurrgghh 7" (Slap-A-Ham, 1991)
  • Bloodless Unreality 7" (Forfeit, 1992)
  • I Kill What I Eat CD (Ecocentric, 1992) (released in Germany)
  • No Desire To Continue Living 10" (Farewell, 1993) (released in Germany)
  • ABC's Of Punk LP+7"/CD (Whirled Records, 1997)
  • Tomorrow Will Be Worse 4x7" box set (Sound Pollution, 1998)
  • Fiesta Comes Alive LP/CD (Slap-A-Ham, 1998)
  • Homeless Benefit 2x7" (Bad Card, 1999) (released in France)
  • Reality Vol. 3 LP/CD (Deep Six, 1999)
  • Tomorrow Will Be Worse CD (Sound Pollution, 2001)
  • All Punks Spending Drunk Night 7" (Backwoods Butcher, 2006)


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