Helgøya (Troms)

Helgøya is an island and former fishing village in the municipality of Karlsøy in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. The 42.92-square-kilometre (16.57 sq mi) island is surrounded by a number of islands: Vannøya to the northeast; Karlsøya and Reinøya to the southeast; Ringvassøya to the south; and Nordkvaløya to the west.[1]

Norway - Helgøya, Troms.png
Helgøya is located in Troms og Finnmark
Location of the island
Helgøya is located in Norway
Helgøya (Norway)
LocationTroms og Finnmark, Norway
Coordinates70°07′43″N 19°25′34″E / 70.1287°N 19.4260°E / 70.1287; 19.4260Coordinates: 70°07′43″N 19°25′34″E / 70.1287°N 19.4260°E / 70.1287; 19.4260
Area42.92 km2 (16.57 sq mi)
Length10 km (6 mi)
Width5.5 km (3.42 mi)
Highest elevation486 m (1594 ft)
Highest pointStorheia
CountyTroms og Finnmark
MunicipalityKarlsøy Municipality
Population0 (1999)
Pop. density0/km2 (0/sq mi)

Historically, the island was an active hub for the parish and municipality of Helgøy. It was a large fishing village and the home of the historic Helgøy Church. The church has been located on Helgøya since the 13th century, but has not been regularly used for some time. No one has permanently lived on Helgøya since 1999 when the post office was closed and regular ferry service was ended. The island can only be reached when services are celebrated in the church and ferry rides are organized. The island of Helgøya is now more or less an abandoned village of picturesque wooden houses with a historic church that is used on special occasions. Some of the houses are still used as summer vacation homes.


The island is named Helgøya (Old Norse: Helgøy) since it is the location of the main church for the parish, Helgøy Church. The name means den hellige øy or "the holy island" since the first element helgi means "sanctuary" or "holy" and the second part øy is identical for the word "island".[2][3]

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