Helena (1924 film)

Helena is a 1924 German silent drama film directed by Manfred Noa and starring Edy Darclea, Vladimir Gajdarov and Albert Steinrück.[1][2] The film was based on the poem the Iliad by Homer. It was released in two separate parts: The Rape of Helen and The Fall of Troy. It was produced by Bavaria Film at the Emelka Studios in Munich. The film was made on an epic scale with thousands of extras, and large sets which rivalled those of the larger Berlin-based UFA.[3] For many years the film was considered partially lost until it was reconstructed from a version found in Swiss archives. The film has been described as Noa's "masterpiece," although it was so expensive that it seriously damaged the finances of Bavaria Film.[4]

Helena (1924 film).jpg
French poster
Directed byManfred Noa
Written byHomer (poem)
Hans Kyser
StarringEdy Darclea
Vladimir Gajdarov
Albert Steinrück
Adele Sandrock
CinematographyEwald Daub
Gustave Preiss
Distributed byBavaria Film
Release date
21 January 1924 (Part I)
4 February 1924 (Part II)
Running time
204 minutes
German intertitles




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