Helen A. Myron

Helen A. Myron was a costume designer at Fox Film and 20th Century Fox from 1933 to 1940. She is credited on about 40 motion pictures, mostly B movies including five Charlie Chan films. She has been noted in several histories of costume design for film.[2][3][4][5][6]

Helen A. Myron
Helen Alberta Markowitz[1]

(1905-04-08)April 8, 1905
DiedSeptember 11, 1983(1983-09-11) (aged 78)
Other namesHelen Alberta Cramer
OccupationCostume designer
Years active1933 - 1940
Known forDesigning costumes for motion picture actors
Spouse(s)Duncan Cramer

Myron graduated from the University of California - Berkeley, and commenced her career in costume design in 1933.[1] In 1941 she married Duncan Cramer, who was an art director at 20th Century Fox. Cramer and Myron are credited together on five films released in 1935 and 1936.[7] After 1940, there is just a single, 1947 credit for Helen Myron;[8] Duncan Cramer's career continued through 1971. A photograph of Myron's "hostess pyjama outfit", worn by Claire Trevor in the 1935 film Navy Wife, is still widely reproduced.[9]


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