Hektor (lens)

The Hektor is a photographic lens design manufactured by Leica Camera.[1] The first "fast" lens available for the Leica I(A) was the Hektor 50mm f/2,5. Later, the design was adapted for use as a long portrait lens, available first in a 135mm f/4,5 screw-mount version and later in a 125mm f/2,5 bayonet-mount version. It is reported that Max Berek, who designed the original lens line for Leitz, named the "Hektor" after his dog.[1]

Lenses named Hektor have also been used by Leitz as projection lenses for their Prado line of slide projectors, e.g. the Hektor 2.5/85 or the Hektor 2.5/100.


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