Heinrich Theodor Dittrich

Heinrich Theodor Dittrich (Latin: Henricus Theodorus Dittricus;[1] fl. mid-19th century) was a German philologist and librarian.[1][2]


Under the pseudonym B. Fabricius, he published a Latin edition on the surviving Greek fragments of the Periplus of the Outer Sea (i.e., the World Ocean) and epitomes composed by Marcian[3] and the Periegesis or Periodos misattributed to Scymnus;[4] an overview of his thoughts on the Greek bucolic poet Theocritus[5] and on the lesser Greek geographers;[6] heavily annotated Latin and German translations of the Greek Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (i.e., the Red Sea and Indian Ocean) misattributed to Arrian;[7][8] a Latin translation of Isidore's Greek Parthian Stations;[9] a heavily annotated Latin translation of the Greek Periplus of the Internal Seas (i.e., the Mediterranean and Black Seas) misattributed to Scylax;[10] and a heavily annotated edition of the Latin elegies of Albius Tibullus.[11]



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