Heer Sial (1938 film)

Heer Syal is a pre-partition Punjabi film released in 1938.[1] It is the second film directed by Kishan Dev Mehra, along with assistant director M. M. Billoo Mehra. It starred new actors Balo and M. Ismail, with Noor Jehan, Haider Bandi and Eiden Bai.[2] It is based on Heer Ranjha - a tragic epic romance story from Punjab by Waris Shah.

Heer Syal
Directed byKishan Dev Mehra
Written byF. D. Sharf
Screenplay byF. D. Sharf
Story byF. D. Sharf
Based onHeer Ranjha
by Waris Shah
Produced byIndra Movitone
Shamshad Begum
M. Ismail
Baby Noor Jehan
Eiden Bai
P. N. Bally
J. N. Dar Kashmiri
A. Rahman Kashmiri
R. P. Kapoor
Miss Haider Bandi
Music byDhoomi Khan
released =



  • Directed: Kishan Dev Mehra[1][2]
  • Assistant director: Madan Mohan Mehra
  • Produced: Indra Movitone
  • Written: F. D. Sharf
  • Screenplay: F. D. Sharf
  • Story: F. D. Sharaff
  • Based on: Heer By Waris Shah
  • Music: Dhoomi Khan[2]
  • Lyrics: F. D. Sharf


# Title Singer
1 "Sohnay Desan Andar Des Punjab"[2] Baby Noor Jehan
2 "Sohnay Desan Andar Des Punjab II" Shamshad Begum

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