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Hector Crémieux

Hector-Jonathan Crémieux (10 November 1828 – 30 September 1892) was a French librettist and playwright. His best-known work is his collaboration with Ludovic Halévy for Jacques Offenbach's Orphée aux Enfers, known in English as Orpheus in the Underworld.



Crémieux was born in Paris to a Jewish family - he was related to the lawyer Adolphe Crémieux . He studied law and then worked in the civil service. His first play, Fiesque (1852) was a historical drama, but before long he started to write comedies and then, in collaboration, operetta and opéra comique librettos. His collaborations with Halévy were often written under the joint pseudonym Paul d'Arcy.

In 1887, Crémieux became secretary-general of the Société des Dépôts Comptes Courants, and ceased writing. Five years later, the Société collapsed and he committed suicide by gunshot[1] in Paris.


For Jacques OffenbachEdit

Playbill for a revival of Orpheus in the Underworld

For Léo DelibesEdit

  • Les eaux d’Ems (1861) - with Ludovic Halévy

For HervéEdit

  • Le petit Faust (1869) - with Louis-Adolphe Jaime
  • Les Turcs (1869) - with Louis-Adolphe Jaime
  • Le trône d'Écosse (1871) - with Louis-Adolphe Jaime
  • La veuve du Malabar (1873) - with A. Delacour
  • La belle poule (1875) - with A de Saint-Albin

For Léon VasseurEdit

  • La famille Trouillat (1874) - with Ernest Blum


Amongst the plays written by Hector-Jonathan Crémieux are:


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