Heavy Industries Taxila

Heavy Industries Taxila (Reporting name: HIT), (Urdu: ہیوی انڈسٹریز ٹیکسلا‎) is a Pakistani state-owned defence, military contractor, engineering conglomerate, and military corporation located in Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan.[1][2]

Heavy Industries Taxila
Native name
TypeState owned enterprises
Founded1971; 51 years ago (1971)
Key people
Combat vehicle
ParentMinistry of Defense Production (MoDP)

HIT promotes, markets, engineers, develops, and undertakes heavy engineering works for Pakistan's military and for the civilian law enforcement agencies. It has extensive experience in the overhaul and upgrade of tracked armored fighting vehicles for the Pakistan Armed Forces.[1][3]

Leadership in HIT is provided through the appointments made in the GHQ by the chief of army staff who approves the appointment to its chairmanship.[4]

Besides developing the heavy works, HIT also provides military gears for Pakistan's military, building krytron and developing technology involving the solid-state lighting. In 2004, HIT had a work force of about 6000 engineers and highly skilled persons.[1]


Main battle tanks (MBT)Edit

Infantry fighting vehicles (IFV)Edit

  • Viper IFV – The prototype IFV was showcased in IDEAS 2018. The IFV is based on APC Saad/M113 chassis with 6 road wheels, weighs 16 tons, and has appliqué armour. Viper can accommodate 13 fully equipped troops; and has a modified Turra 30 remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS) armed with a Slovak-made Shipunov 2A42 30 mm automatic cannon, Kalashnikov PKT 7.62 mm medium machine gun (MG), two ready-to-use 9M113 Konkurs (AT-6 'Spandrel') anti-tank guided missiles and smoke dischargers.
  • Al-HamzaIFV based on APC Saad, fitted with 25 mm automatic cannon, an export product not in service with the Pakistan Army.[5]

Armoured personnel carriers (APC)Edit

Reconnaissance vehiclesEdit

Engineering & support vehiclesEdit

Armoured utility vehiclesEdit


  • 125mm Smooth bore tank gun – for Al-Khalid & Al-Zarrar tanks.[8]
  • 155mm Self propelled (SP) gun – for M109A2 (overhauled) self-propelled howitzer.

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