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Health Protection Scotland

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) is the organisation that co-ordinates health protection in Scotland. It is part of NHS National Services Scotland.

HPS took over the functions of the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health (SCIEH) in November 2004.[1] Other functions from National Services Scotland were also added.[2]



HPS provides advice, support and information to health professionals, national and local government, the general public.[3]

It is responsible for developing and maintaining a range of websites.[4]

Fit for travelEdit

HPS maintains a website that provides travellers and their advisers with detailed information on health risks.[5] The website offers general health advice, as well as specific advice on use of antimalarial tablets and vaccine recommendations. The website includes a country by country index and specific information for different groups of travellers, such as backpackers, young children, pregnant women and the elderly, as well as those with medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma.[6]

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For similar agencies elsewhere, please see the list of national public health agencies.


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