Haut-Congo Province

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Haut-Congo Province was a province of the Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville), now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was formed in April 1962 from part of the Orientale Province. In 1966 it was merged back into the reconstituted Orientale Province.

Haut-Congo Province
Former province
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Coordinates: 0°31′N 25°12′E / 0.517°N 25.200°E / 0.517; 25.200Coordinates: 0°31′N 25°12′E / 0.517°N 25.200°E / 0.517; 25.200
CountryRepublic of the Congo (Léopoldville)


"Haut Congo" means "Upper Congo", and refers to the province's location on the upper reaches of the Congo River.


Haut-Congo Province was formed on 27 April 1962 from part of the Orientale Province, the other parts becoming Ituri Province (later Kibali Ituri) and Uele Province.[1] On 28 December 1966 the Orientale Province was reconstituted.[2]

Presidents and governorsEdit

The heads of Haut-Congo Province were:[2]

Start End Officeholder Title
March 1963 8 September 1963 Marcel Tshishiku Extraordinary commissioner
June 1963 26 June 1963 Georges Grenfell (b. 1908) President
26 June 1963 1964 Paul Isombuma President
1964 5 August 1964 François Aradjabu Extraordinary commissioner-general for the former province of Haut-Congo
16 September 1964 November 1964 Alphonse Abikwa President
November 1964 5 November 1966 Ignace Michel Alamazani President (from 1965, governor)
5 November 1966 28 December 1966 Pierre Efomi Governor



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