Hassan Aourid

Hassan Aourid (born 1962) (Arabic: حسن أوريد) is a Moroccan writer. He was born in Errachidia. He has a PhD in political science and lectures at the Mohammed V University. He has published widely in both Arabic and French. He has written half a dozen novels:

  • Wistful Conversation (2015)
  • Morisco (published in French in 2011 and Arabic in 2017)
  • Biography of a Donkey (2014)
  • Sintra (2017)
  • Cordoba Spring (2017)
  • Mutanabbi's Rabat (2018)

Mutanabbi’s Rabat was nominated for the Arabic Booker Prize in 2020.[1][2]

Early lifeEdit

Hassan Aourid was born in Errachidia.


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