Hasan Fehmi Pasha

Hasan Fehmi Pasha (1836–1910) was one of the leading Ottoman statesmen during the late Tanzimat period, who served in various governorships and juridical institutions. He was furthermore a member of the Senate, and an avid supporter of foreign investment, but at the same time an advocate of syndicates formed by multinational capitalists.[1]

Hasan Fehmi

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Personal details
Constantinople, Constantinople Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Hasan Fehmi Pasha on the cover of Vanity Fair, 16 May 1885.


Hasan Fehmi Pasha was born into a prominent wealthy family in 1836.

He became the head of the Ottoman Court of Justice in the year 1884. He was sent to various diplomatic missions in cities such as London and Rome. He became the president of the Council of State between 1907–1908. After a 3-month break, he again functioned as the president of the Council of State for one more year.

Hasan Fehmi Pasha died in Istanbul in 1910.


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