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Harold H. Piffard (1867–1938) was a British artist and aviator. Several of his works have been sold at auction, such as Ottoman Beauty with a Butterfly sold in 2015 for $9,080.[1]

Harold H. Piffard
H. Piffard - The Thin Red Line - restoration.jpg
The Thin Red Line by Harold H. Piffard
Born 1867
Died 1938
Nationality British
Known for Artist, aviator and author
Movement Orientalist

Life and careerEdit

Piffard flew his Humming Bird aircraft from Shoreham Airport in 1910 and the airport was born. In May 1910, Harold Piffard began testing a biplane.7 called Hummingbird. Piffard was previously a student of Lancing College and this may have been one of the reasons for the choice of airfield.

Piffard accompanied Robert Sherard when the later was doing the research for his book The White Slaves of England (1897).[2] Piffard wrote to the owners of the establishments visited, asking permission to draw naturalistic sketches, which in all but one case were allowed. However, when the United Alkali Company refused permission, he joined Sherard in climbing over the wall.[2]:35


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