Hariharan Chandrashekar

Dr. Hariharan Chandrashekar is an Indian ecological economist, mentor for green entrepreneurship, and enabler of industry directions on sustainability and resilience, particularly for buildings, and the built environment.

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Hariharan presides today over activities of the globally pioneering citizen action initiative, WOW Action Forum and the several thrust areas of public interface that WOW has devised. He mentors a host of green leadership Programmes for Indian industry and academia under SAANSS and the Foundation Green umbrella.

He is also guiding a series of public demo projects for inspiring water and energy conservation among lay Water-users with schools, places of worship and other public buildings executed for water harvesting which will inspire the local community to adopt such practices in their homes.

Over three decades he has led many enterprise initiatives to promote and mainstream sustainability businesses, while in recent years at the AltTech Foundation that he steers, the mission is clearly to accelerate sustainability directions across the board in industry, residential and commercial sectors of urban India.


Hariharan is the founder of Biodiversity Conservation India Limited, a builder of iconic eco-friendly homes, and powerfully pioneering solutions to mainstream frontier technologies for turning waste water in apartments into pure drinking water. While as an environment enterprise BCIL focused on mainstreaming sustainabiity, the mission at AltTech Foundation has been to hasten the process of such solutioning of sustainability approaches for many more buildings, professionals, and consumers. At both institutions that he envisioned and mentored into existence, the focus has been on zero energy development, low-Carbon development and Deep Decarbonisation strategies for buildings.

Hariharan runs a series of online education and policy dialogues under the Prem Jain Memorial Trust, and INHAF India. He is mentoring three broad mission objectives for 2023 starting 2021. One is the citizen-led action for saving 10,000 crore litres and 30 MTe of carbon emission reduction; the second is producing 1000 green leaders and professionals who enlarge the green footprint of buildings; and the third is the transforming of 500 regular buildings into water- and energy-efficient buildings.

Between 1991 and 2015, he launched or nurtured four environment-related Trusts, and six companies that work in green residential buildings segment and the production of green products. He also mentors a dozen green solutions providing companies in the space of energy and water.

In 1991, he founded the Academy for Mountain Environics. This organization works on traditional rights of people impacted by excessive natural exploitation. He left the organization in 2006.

In 1994, he founded Biodiversity Conservation India Limited. The company specialised in designing and promoting substainability business in housing. The company has built over 2,000 ZED Homes[2] (zero energy developed homes) over projects in south India.

In 2004, Hariharan created the AltTech Foundation (ATF), a not-for-profit organisation working on energy and water solutions. In 2020, ATF worked on retrofitting over 4 million square feet of existing buildings in India to heighten Energy Efficiency.

Between 2012 and 2013, Hariharan served as technical advisor for the Karnataka Urban Water Supply & Sewerage Board/. He also worked as a sustainability advisor for Bengaluru Central University in Bangalore,[3]

In the mid-2010s. Hariharan also advised pro bono many development institutions including Les Ateliers Maitrise d’Oeuvres Urbaine and other institutions in Asia and Europe.

He has consulted for the governments of Uttaranchal, Kerala and Nagaland on eco-tourism infrastructure and environment policies. He has also served as consultant for urban water supply and sanitation development as well as on practices for promoting energy efficiency in buildings and in cities, for a number of Indian and global development organisations.

In 2018, Chandrashekar founded the Prem Jain Memorial Trust in New Delhi. It runs educational programmes on sustainability education for school children and students of engineering and architecture.

He writes occasionally in national dailies and e-media on how consumers can go green at minimal cost.

Memberships and AdvisorEdit

  • CII India Green Business Council national executive committee
  • Partner member, Canada India Centre Carleton University at Ottawa.
  • Advisor for the Sri Sri University on sustainability education.
  • Lead partner for the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Futures of the Govt of Karnataka.
  • Editorial Advisory member, Society for Energy Engineers and Managers.
  • Governing Council Member, INHAF India.
  • Advisory Member, Department of Technical Education, Govt of Karnataka.

Project awardsEdit

  • San Diego Green Award,
  • IENS Award from Kanagawa, Japan,
  • the Green Apple Award from the UK,
  • the Asian Water Champion honour from ADB, Manila,

Personal awardsEdit

  • 2010, Udyog Rattan Award by the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi.
  • 2011 The Week magazine '30 Indian Pearls'
  • 2012 The Builders' Association of India, Distinguished Green Builder Extraordinaire award .

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