Harcourt Garden after South Island Line construction works in 2018
Granite Blocks
Harcourt Garden before the construction work (2006)
Rodney Street is running between the United Centre (left) and Harcourt Garden (right). The street in the foreground is Queensway.

Harcourt Garden (Chinese: 夏慤花園; Jyutping: haa6 kok3 faa1 jyun4) is a small urban park in Admiralty, Hong Kong, constructed in the mid-1990s.[1] To the east of the park is the Hong Kong Police Headquarters while to the west is Admiralty bus station. Like the adjacent Harcourt Road, the park is named for Admiral Cecil Harcourt, de facto governor of Hong Kong from September 1945 to June 1946.


The park is on land reclaimed from Victoria Harbour in 1863.[2][3]

As part of the large naval and military installations that dominated this area until the 1970s and 1980s, this site was formerly occupied by the Wellington Battery and the Military Hospital, all associated with the Wellington Barracks. The adjacent military arsenal is recalled in the name of Arsenal Street.[4][2][5][6]


As of 2013, the park has been closed due to construction directly below the site for the extension of Admiralty Station. This expansion will house the termini platforms of the new MTR South Island Line (East) and Sha Tin to Central Link. The MTR plans to reprovision the garden on the rooftop of the station building.[1][7][8]

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