Happy Louie and Julcia's Polka Band

Happy Louie, born Louis Dusseault, is a musician and leader of the Happy Louie and Julcia's Polka Band. He received a Grammy nomination for Best Polka Album in 1995.[1] He was inducted to the International Polka Association Polka Hall of Fame in 1982. His MGM original recording of Accordion A go-go was featured in a major motion picture. He was born in Ware, Massachusetts and presently lives in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.



  • Sing Along
  • Shake it Up
  • Good Luck
  • Love and Peace
  • The Family Album
  • Christmas Carols
  • Red, White and Beauty
  • Oldies but Goodies
  • Red Hot Polkas
  • Fantasy Time
  • Songs for You
  • Dreams of Yesterday
  • One More Time
  • Yak Sie Masz
  • Our First Polish Pope
  • Update Those Good Ole Polkas
  • Polkas on Fire
  • Polkarisma
  • Superduper Polkas
  • Awesome Polkas
  • Your Polka Sweethearts
  • Happy Memories
  • Happy Louie and Julcia's Polka Band Live
  • Happy Louie's Greatest Hits Vol 1
  • Happy Louie's Greatest Hits Vol II


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