Hansa Borg Bryggerier is a Norwegian brewery and distribution company which markets beer, bottled water and soft drinks.[1][2]

Hansa Borg Bryggerier
Founded14 October 1996 Edit this on Wikidata
Number of employees
300 Edit this on Wikidata



Hansa Borg Bryggerier AS was founded in 1997, after a merger between Hansa Bryggeri and Borg Bryggerier. The company is controlled by the Egenæss family (75% ownership), who owned Borg since 1905 until the merger in 1997. Other principal owners are the Swedish-based Spendrups Bryggeri AB and Danish-based Royal Unibrew.[3]

The brewery is Norway's second largest manufacturing and marketing of beer and mineral water. It operates three regional breweries plants located in Bergen, Sarpsborg, Kristiansand and Olden, Norway. Beer brands include Hansa, Waldemars, Borg and CB, as well as Heineken and Clausthaler under license. In 1999, Hansa Borg acquired Christianssands Bryggeri (CB). This gave Hansa Borg nationwide distribution of all its three main brands of beer, as well as controlling the local markets in Hordaland, Østfold, and Southern Norway. In 2005, Hansa Borg acquired Olden Brevatn, a company that produces drinking water from a glacier in Oldedalen.[4]