Hans Prade

Hans Orlando Prade (23 July 1938 – 3 April 2020) was a Surinamese diplomat and politician.[1]

Hans Orlando Prade
Hans Prade (1981).jpg
Hans Prade (1981)
Born23 July 1938
Died3 April 2020(2020-04-03) (aged 81)
OccupationAmbassador of Suriname to the Netherlands (1981-1982)
President of the Surinamese Court of Auditors

After graduating from Leiden University, Prade returned to Suriname, and founded the short lived Nationale Volkspartij together with Ronald Venetiaan. Later Prade became a member of the Progressieve Nationale Partij. During the coup, Prade was a commentator on Suriname radio.[2]

Prade was the Surinamese ambassador to the Netherlands from 1981 to 1982. His political and undiplomatic statements were not appreciated by the regime and he was dismissed on 1 June 1982.[2]

In 1986,[3] Prade became chairman of the Rekenkamer van Suriname [nl], a position which he held for about 10 years.[4]

In 1991, he tried to run for President of Suriname, but lost out to his former college friend Venetiaan.[3]

In 1998,[4] Prade retired and decided to live with his family in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Prade died on 3 April in Rotterdam, the Netherlands due to COVID-19, aged 81.[4]


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