Hans Hein Theodor Nysom

Hans Hein Theodor Nysom (5 September 1845 – 28 August 1903) was a Norwegian politician with the Liberal Party, a cabinet minister and member of Norwegian Parliament.[1]

Hans Hein Theodor Nysom

Nysom was born at Botne in Vestfold, Norway. He was a grandchild of priest and politician Hans Hein Nysom.[2] He originally made a career in the military, but from 1874 he worked with canals and timber raftings.[3] From 1884 to 1892 he was the chairman of the Norwegian Polytechnic Society.[4]

In 1891, he was appointed to the cabinet of Prime Minister Johannes Steens. He served as Minister of Auditing and Minister of Labour on 6 March 1891. On 27 November the same year he left the position as Minister of Auditing. He left the Ministry of Labour on 1 May 1893.[5] He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1895, representing the constituency of Kristiania, Hønefoss og Kongsvinger. He was re-elected in 1898.[6]

On 17 February 1898 he became a member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm (Statsrådsavdelingen i Stockholm). He left on 28 February 1899 to become Minister of Labour. On 1 June 1900 he was again transferred to Stockholm, serving until November 1900. He then became Director-General of the Norwegian State Railways.[7]

Selected works edit

  • Handbog i norsk flødningsvæsen, with Axel Borchrevink and Gunnar Sætren.

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