Handforth Dean

The main car park at Handforth Dean, with Marks & Spencer and Tesco in the background
Marks & Spencer in December 2009

Handforth Dean is a retail park situated in Handforth, near Wilmslow in Cheshire. It was opened in October 1995, alongside the opening of the A34 Handforth bypass and soon helped increase house prices in the area by 15% as the area became more desirable.[1] It contains four superstores: Marks & Spencer, Tesco Extra, OUTFIT and Boots. A large Next store is situated on a development adjacent to the retail park. In 2007 the Tesco store had a second floor added to handle the number of customers that used the store and it was converted into a Tesco Extra. Tesco has described its Handforth Dean store as its "flagship store". Handforth Dean has been used by footballer David Beckham and his wife, singer Victoria Beckham,[2] in particular Marks & Spencer.[3] In 2002, the Marks & Spencer store was the company's most profitable outside London.[4] It is also one of their largest stores in the country.[5]


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