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The air is blown between the thumbs into the hand.
The thumb knuckles are put on the lips.

The hand flute, or handflute, is a sort of musical instrument made by the hands. It is also called a 'Hand ocarina' or 'Hand whistle'. To produce sound, one creates a type of chamber with their hands, which they blow into between an opening at the thumbs. There are two main techniques involving the shape of the hand chamber: the "cupped hand" technique and the "interlock" technique. [1]

The pitch depends on how the hands are held. If the space between the hands is made smaller or the opening made larger, the pitch becomes higher: the principles are the same with an ocarina or Helmholtz resonator; see vessel flute for details of the acoustics. The best hand flute players in the world have a range between 2.5 to 3 octaves.[2]

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