Hancock Custis

Hancock Custis was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, the elected lower house of the colonial Virginia General Assembly from Accomack County, Virginia[1] in 1710–1712.

Hancock Custis
Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses
In office
Personal details
BornAccomack County, Virginia
DiedAccomack County, Virginia
ChildrenSons John, Southey, Levin, and Theophilus;
Daughter Leah
ResidenceAccomack County, Virginia
OccupationPlanter, Politician


Hancock Custis was the son of Colonel John Custis and Margaret (Michael) Custis.[2] John Custis was a member of both the House of Burgesses and the Virginia Governor's Council.[3]

Hancock Custis's brother, Major John Custis, was the father of Daniel Parke Custis, first husband of Martha Washington.[2] Major John Custis named one of his sons "Hancock."[4]

Hancock Custis's will, which was proved May 7, 1728, mentions his wife Mary.[2][5] Hancock and Mary Custis's children were sons John, Southey, Levin and Theophilus and daughter Leah, who married Levin Gale.[2][6]


Hancock Custis inherited a farm at King's Creek from his uncle, Adam Michael.[7]

House of BurgessesEdit

Hancock Custis was a Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses for Accomac County, as it was then spelled, in 1710–1712.[8]


Hancock Custis died between the date of his signing the last codicil to his will, August 17, 1727, and a date before his will was proved on May 7, 1728.[9]


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