Hamsterz Life

Hamsterz Life is a hamster simulation video game released by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS. Hamsterz Life is also known as Love ♥ Hamster or Love Love Hamster in Japan.

Hamsterz Life
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
ReleaseNA November 28, 2006
Mode(s)Single player


Hamsterz Life is from the Petz series from Ubisoft for the handheld systems. Being released after Petz 5, it is part of the second Petz series. Hamsterz Life lets you raise several breeds of hamsters and build fully customizable homes for them to live in. Just as in the other Petz games, players can interact with their hamsters by training, playing with, and feeding them.

At the start of the game, players can select their first hamster and name it. The hamster will then appear in a cage and be ready to play. Various actions can be chosen including training, feeding, care and other options. Training consists of teaching the hamster words (which they repeat back in their own hamster speak) by speaking the set phrases into the DS microphone. The hamster can repeat these phrases back, but inaudibly. Players can clean the cage and brush their hamsters. Hamsterz Life also includes many mini-games to play. Players can only have one hamster at home at once, any other hamsters that are owned are left with a girl with hamster ears until you wish to switch. Your hamsters can visit with the hamsters of friends who also own Hamsterz Life. When playing mini-games, if you win you receive prizes such as food or toys. You can also let your hamster out of its cage to play in the surrounding room. There are present boxes in the room, which contain prizes you receive when your hamster finds them.


Hamsterz Life contains a variety of different cages used for housing a pet hamster. They include Standard, Steel, Toy Box, Pastel, Plant and Wood. Each cage has its own theme song. Toys can be put into the cage for the hamsters to play with. The roller coaster, the slide and the tube cannot be placed into the Standard and Steel cages, for they are too small to fit large items. The standard cage is the cage you will start out with when you start the game. As you play mini-games, you may win cages.

Different Types of HamstersEdit

Different types of hamsters are shown in the game as you choose your pet hamster. There is Djungarian, Golden, Campbell, Cutie, Baby and Panda hamsters. Each will start out as a pup and eventually grow into an adult. You can play mini-games to win toys for your hamsters and teach them how to say basic phrases such as "hello" and "good-bye".

Each of the types of hamster has its own manner of speaking; Cutie speaks like a yandere, and Baby speaks both Mandarin and a Pidgin English based thereon.


Hammy is a hamster girl seen in the game. She appears as a girl with brown hair and hamster ears. She is also seen wearing an apron with a yellow dress underneath. She explains how to do things throughout the game such as how to play mini-games, taking care of your hamster. She is also there to help pick out a hamster. When switching for a visiting hamster, Hammy takes them and takes care of them until you come back to swap your current hamster for another that you already have.