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Hamilton Paul Traub (June 18, 1890 – July 14, 1983) was an American botanist. He specialized in the study of Amaryllidaceae.[1] He also did horticultural studies on beans.[2] dr Traub was one of the founding members of the American Amaryllis Society (now the International Bulb Society) in 1933, and for a long time the editor of its annual publication, variously called Year Book, American Amaryllis Society, Herbertia and Plant Life. Amaryllis Year Book.[3]

Systematic treatment of AmaryllidaceaeEdit

Subfamilies (4)
  1. Allioideae 4 tribes
  2. Hemerocalloideae 1 tribe: Hemerocalleae
  3. Ixiolirioideae 2 tribes
  4. Amarylloideae (2 infrafamilies: Amarylloidinae 12 tribes, Pancratioidinae 4 tribes)

Selected publicationsEdit

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  • Traub, H.P. (1963). Genera of the Amaryllidaceae. La Jolla, California: American Plant Life Society.
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  • Traub, Hamilton P (1968). "The subgenera, sections and subsections of Allium L.". Plant Life. 24: 147–163.
  • An introduction to Herbert's Amaryllidaceae, etc. 1837: And related works. 1970. Ed. Cramer. 93 pp.
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  • Traub, H. P. (1982). Order Alliales. Pl. Life 38: 119–132.


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