The Hamhung Grand Theatre (Korean함흥대극장; Hanja咸興大劇場; McCune-Reischauer: Hamhŭng-taegŭkjang) is a theatre located in Hamhung, North Korea. It is the largest[1] theatre building in the country.

Hamhung Grand Theatre
The building in 2011
General information
LocationHamhung, North Korea
Coordinates39°54′54″N 127°32′12″E / 39.91500°N 127.53667°E / 39.91500; 127.53667
Known forLargest theatre in North Korea

The building is used for major live theatrical productions by the revolutionary opera troupe. The foyer inside features a large mural of the current leader Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-Il.

The theatre was constructed in 1984.[2][self-published source?]

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