Halland Museum of Cultural History

Halland Museum of Cultural History (Swedish: Hallands kulturhistoriska museum) is a museum of cultural history in Varberg, Sweden. The museum was formerly known as Varberg County Museum (Swedish: Länsmuseet Varberg). The name was changed in 2011.[1]

Halland Museum of Cultural History at Varberg Fortress

The museum is situated in the Varberg Fortress. It also consists of Bexell Cottage (Bexellska stugan), Galtabäck boat museum (Båtmuseet i Galtabäcks hamn) and Fågelboet, the former home of the author August Bondeson (1854-1906).[2][3]

The most important and famous exhibit at the museum is Bocksten Man, the remains of a man murdered during the fourteenth century.[4]


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