Halium is a collaborative project to unify the Hardware Abstraction Layer for projects which run GNU/Linux on mobile devices with pre-installed Android. The project aims to standardize the middleware software used by various projects to talk with android daemons and make use of hardware on installed devices.[2][3] It is distributed as free and open-source software under a mix of software licenses.

DeveloperHalium Project
Working stateCurrent[1]
Source modelOpen-source
Initial release24 April 2017; 3 years ago (2017-04-24)
PlatformsARM64, x86, armhf
Official websitehalium.org


The project was announced on 2017 and tried to pool developers from UBports, Sailfish OS community developers, LuneOS project, KDE Plasma Mobile contributors, among other developers to put an end to the fragmentation seen in their respective projects and achieve new goals jointly.[4]


The project has a planning with an overall idea which stack includes the following:[5]

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