Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing

The Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing was a suicide bombing which occurred on 2 December 2001 on an Egged bus in Haifa. 15 people were killed in the attack and 40 people were injured.[1]

Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing
Part of the Second Intifada militancy campaign
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The attack site
Date2 December 2001
Attack type
suicide bombing
Deaths15 civilians (+ 1 bomber)
Injured40 civilians
PerpetratorsHamas claimed responsibility

The Palestinian Islamist militant organization Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attackEdit

During the afternoon of Sunday, 2 December 2001, the perpetrator calmly boarded Haifa bus No. 16, which was en route from Neve Sha'anan to the Giborim bridge. The perpetrator paid the bus fare and a few seconds later detonated the explosive device concealed underneath his clothes. The attack, which occurred in a busy intersection in the Tel Amal neighbourhood in Haifa killed 15 people and injured 40 more, 17 of them critically.

The perpetratorsEdit

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. A leaflet published by the Hamas announced that the suicide bomber was Maher Habashi, a 21-year-old Palestinian plumber from Nablus.[2]


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