Hagibis (band)

Hagibis (Filipino word meaning "velocity" or 'swiftness") is a Filipino disco group best known for their macho image, on-stage costumes, and macho songs about women. Originally formed by Juan dela Cruz Band singer and bassist Mike Hanopol and Vic del Rosario [1], they are cited as the First Boyband in the Philippines[2] and later were coined the title Village People of the Philippines, a title they still hold to this day.[3] Their original line-up were composed of Sonny Parsons, Bernie Fineza, Mike Respall, Joji Garcia and Mon Picazzo.

OriginManila, Philippines
GenresManila sound, pop, disco, funk
Years active1979 (1979)–1997 (1997), 2013 (2013)–present
LabelsBlackgold, Star Music
Associated actsMike Hanopol
MembersMike Respall
Pete Gatela
Carlos Nabiula
Past membersSonny Parsons (deceased)
Bernie Fineza (deceased)
Joji Garcia
Mon Picazzo


According to Mike Hanopol, who composed almost all of Hagibis' tracks, Vic del Rosario wanted to recruit famous actors and singers for the new group; but later changed his mind, and instead, they recruited unknown musicians. Hanopol also revealed in the same interview that he also sung the band's recorded songs himself.[1] Parsons also said during Hagibis' guest appearance on Tonight with Arnold Clavio, that he originally auditioned for VST & Co. before joining Hagibis.[4] The group borrowed some elements of the American disco group, Village People.

In 1981, Hagibis was featured in the action movie Legs, Katawan, Babae[5] with Myrna Castillo, Laarni Enriquez, Dinah Dominguez and Val Iglesias, directed by Tony Ferrer. Two of Hagibis' members, Sonny Parsons and Bernie Fineza went on to become actors.[6]

The new lineup of Hagibis appeared at the Tonight with Arnold Clavio in 2014 and is still active until today. [4] Original member Fineza died on January 15, 2015.



Title Album details
  • Released: 1979
  • Label: Blackgold
  • Released: 1980
  • Label: Blackgold
Walang Katapat
  • Released: 1997
  • Label: Star Records


  • 1994: Katawan[7]
  • 2012: OPM Back to Back Hits (with VST & Co.)


  • "Lalake"
  • "Katawan"
  • "Legs"
  • "Babae"
  • "Ilagay Mo Kid"
  • "Nanggigigil"
  • "Mama Monchang"
  • "Mandurugas"
  • "Iduduyan Kita"
  • "Maginoo"
  • "Hagibis Theme"
  • "Darating Ako"
  • "Walang Gulat"
  • "G.R.O."
  • "O.C.W."
  • "Hard To Let You Go"
  • "A Feeling Just For You"


  • 1981: Legs, Katawan, Babae

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