Hachiya Yoritaka (蜂屋 頼隆, 1534 – November 3, 1589) was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period who served the Oda clan.[1][2] First he served the Toki clan and Saito clan. When Oda Nobunaga started campaign on Mino Province, he became a vassal of Nobunaga as a member of "Kuro-horo-shu" (bodyguard unit in black)

Hachiya Yoritaka
蜂屋 頼隆
Lord of Tsuruga Domain
In office
Preceded byShibata Katsuie
Succeeded byOtani Yoshitsugu
Personal details
DiedNovember 3, 1589
RelationsNiwa Nagahide (brother in law)
Military service
AllegianceOda clan
Toyotomi clan
Battles/warsBattle of Akatsuka
Siege of Shoryuji Castle
Siege of Mitsuji
Siege of Itami
Battle of Yamazaki
Battle of Shizugatake
Toyama Campaign
Kyushu Campaign

Military life


In 1552, Hachiya clan took part in the Battle of Akatsuka as vanguard (possibly Yoritaka) against Yamaguchi clan.

In late 1568, Yoritaka joined Shibata Katsuie, Hosokawa Fujitaka, Mori Yoshinari and Sakai Masahisa in attacking Iwanari Tomomichi at Shōryūji Castle.

In 1576, he took part at Siege of Mitsuji, the battle was part of the eleven-year Ishiyama Hongan-ji War.

In the Siege of Itami (1579), Yoritaka also conducted the execution of the Araki Murashige family who rose in revolt against Nobunaga.

In 1582, he took part at the Battle of Yamazaki against Akechi Mitsuhide.

In 1583, at Battle of Shizugatake, Yoritaka served Hashiba Hideyoshi and participated in the attack on Gifu Castle of Oda Nobutaka. After the battle, he was given 40,000 koku in Tsuruga of Echizen Province.

In 1585, under Toyotomi Hideyoshi he fought in the Toyama Campaign against Sassa Narimasa.

In 1587, Yoritaka also joint attack at Hideyoshi's Kyushu campaign against Shimazu clan.



He died in 1589, at the age of 56. Around that time, Naomasa, Yoritaka's adopted son who was the fourth son of Niwa Nagahide, seemed to be already dead, and so he had no heir and the Hachiya clan ended.


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